Document Object Model (DOM)

Context: frontend-dev-bookmarks / Languages, Protocols, Browser APIs

The DOM is a programming interface for HTML, XML and SVG documents. It defines methods that allow access to the tree, so that they can change the document structure, style and content.

  • Document Events: DOM event model is a generic event system and a set of standard modules of events for user interface control and document mutation notifications
    • An Introduction To DOM Events: Wilson Page introduces the basics of working with DOM events, then delves into their inner workings, explaining how we can make use of them to solve common problems.
    • DOM Level 2 Event Model: W3C specification section for DOM Level 2 Events.
    • Gator: Gator is a small (~0.8 kb minified + gzipped), simple, standalone, event delegation library.
  • Overview: High level guides, articles and documents about DOM.