Complete Systems

Context: frontend-dev-bookmarks / Architecture

  • Atomic Design: Atomic Design discusses the importance of crafting robust design systems, and introduces a methodology for which to create smart, deliberate interface systems.
  • Authoring jQuery Plugins: jQuery is an utility library and a plugin framework. This section collects resources about creating such plugins.
  • Block Element Modifier (BEM): Methodology aimed at achieving fast to develop long-lived projects, team scalability, and code reuse.
  • Polymer Project: The Polymer library is designed to make it easier and faster for developers to create great, reusable components for the modern web.
    • Building web components using ES6 classes: Web components evolve markup into something that’s meaningful, maintainable, and highly modular. Thanks to these new API primitives, not only do we have improved ergonomics when building apps, but we gain better overall structure, design, and reusability.
    • ShadowDOM Visualizer: This tools allows you to visualize how Shadow DOM renders in the browser.
    • What is shady DOM?: On browsers that support shadow DOM, it’s possible to have an element that is rendered with complex DOM, but have that complexity hidden away as implementation detail.
  • SMACSS: SMACSS (pronounced “smacks”) is a way to examine your design process and as a way to fit those rigid frameworks into a flexible thought process. It is an attempt to document a consistent approach to site development when using CSS.
  • T3: T3 is a minimalist JavaScript framework sponsored by Box Inc. that provides core structure to code.
  • TodoMVC: A project which offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts in most of the popular JavaScript MV* frameworks of today.